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Kindergarten to Grade 8

From Kindergarten to Grade 8, Acacia follows the Core Knowledge scope and sequence in most subjects. 

This is a 'Classical' curriculum developed in the US for a diverse and international classroom.  Students explore a comprehensive and engaging account of world history through the lens of Susan Wise Bauer's Story of the World.


For Mathematics, students are challenged and stretched through the problem-solving approach of Singapore Math.  Read more about Acacia's classical approach to education and how faith impacts instruction in the school's Philosophy of Education.


For specific content in each class see an overview here:

Early Years - Kindergarten - Gr 1 - Gr 2 Gr 3 - Gr 4 - Gr 5  - Gr 6  - Gr 7 - Gr 8


High School

In grades 9 and 10, students prepare for the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) with final exams in May.


IGCSE is the most widely used and recognized international qualification for secondary school students. It parallels GCSE examinations in the UK, however, the curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs of international students. 


In addition to the IGCSE, subjects students take classes in Bible, Physical Education and Service Project where they are challenged to serve Christ through leadership, serving each other, serving the local and global community and caring for the environment.


In grades 11 and 12, Acacia offers a range of AS and A Level subjects, also examined by the Cambridge International Examinations Board.  Most students study four subjects at AS level in grade 11 and continue with three subjects to full A level in grade 12.  In these final two years, they continue to study Bible, Physical Education and Service Project.


Acacia offers American credits for all classes taken, with a view to graduating students with an accredited American high school graduation diploma in addition to the IGCSE and A-level results.  


Cambridge IGCSEs Offered

Biology (0610),  Chemistry (0620),  English - First Language (0500),  English - Literature (0486),  French - Foreign Language (0520),  Geography (0460),  History (0470),  Mathematics (0580),  Physics (0625)

Options:  Additional Maths (0606), Options Art and Design (0400),  Music (0410),  Business Studies (0450),  Drama (0411),  ICT


Cambridge AS/A Level Subjects Offered 

English Language (9093),  English Literature (9695), History (9389),   Math (9709),  Biology (9700),  Chemistry (9701),  Physics (9702), Psychology (9990),  Business (9609),  Economics (9708),  Geography (9696), Music Tech (EdExel)

Transition to Advanced Placements

Over the next three years in Grades 11 and 12, Acacia will shift to an American curriculum with Advanced Placement courses. We are super excited about this as it will enable us to provide a richer and more targeted academic program which will benefit a greater number of students.

It bears repeating that we are keeping the Cambridge IGCSEs and we will use them in 9th and 10th Grade going forward.

Here's the plan.


Various tools gauge and track student attainment and academic growth as they progress at Acacia.  From Kindergarten to Grade 4 students are tested in Reading A-Z three times per year.  

This gives teachers insight into students' growth and areas of weakness and helps them guide students to reading material at an appropriate level.  

In Grades 5-8, the New Group Reading Test provides a regular benchmark in literacy.

The school uses 'levels' as an academic standard that measures progression and attainment in all subjects from kindergarten to eighth grade. The levels progress from Level 1 to Level 8 and beyond, which is called ‘Exceptional Performance’, and each level is divided into three sub-levels “a”, “b” and “c” with “a” being the strongest.  For example, a student who is performing at the top of Level 4, nearly at Level 5, would be placed at Level 4a.

Levels do not correspond directly with grades.  Although there is an expected average level in each grade, what is more important is that whatever level a student is at, they are making at least two sub-levels of progress each academic year.  Teachers, parents and students are encouraged to regularly reflect on target levels as a means of supporting every student's academic progress.  

Assessment Level Descriptors:  English | Math | Science | History | Geography | Art & Desigh | Bible | French

Courses Offered

Acacia teaches and lectures popular courses across all levels. Over the years, we have helped students of all ages boost their education and surpass their academic goals. Check out our Course Book to review all available courses.


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