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Our School

Acacia is accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International and Middle States Association.  Acacia is a Cambridge International School and is fully licensed and registered with the Ministry of Education in Uganda.


Acacia has a diverse range of students from 31 nations.  Our youngest class, 'K3', has students who have turned three years old by the 1st of September on the year they join the school.  Our oldest students, 'Grade 12', who are 17 and going on 18 years of age, graduate from Acacia in June of each year. Our first graduation was held in June 2019.  


Acacia exists to serve Christian missionaries and missionary kids!  In our tenth year of operation, we were honored to serve over 60 missionary kids from more than a dozen sending organizations. The Affiliate Member Program is designed to formalize the relationship between the school

and our ministry partners so that together we can create a better school for everyone. Read more about Affiliate Membership here. 


Here are some of our missionary partners:


Acacia International School is an independent, non-profit organization committed to integrity, transparency, and accountability in its governance and operations. 


The members of the school's Board of Directors and the Acacia School Board are Christians with a shared vision for extending God's kingdom in Kampala by providing an excellent education. 



The Board of Directors are the legal custodians of the company and bear ultimate responsibility for the school. They safeguard the long-term academic quality and Christian foundation of the school by appointing the School Board and by approving changes to the school's mission and vision, annual budget and annual audit.  


The Directors are: 

  • Jade Acker (Chairman), Cooperative Baptist Missionary and Founding Director of Refuge and Hope International

  • Linda Carpenter, HR & Admin Manager at Acacia

  • Sam Baguma, Mission Aviation Fellowship Missionary, East Africa Regional Manager

  • Kirk Slater, World Venture Missionary (Co-opted member)

  • Jason Carpenter, Head of School at Acacia



The Acacia School Board is appointed by the Board of Directors to implement the mission, vision and values of the school by developing school policies and a comprehensive strategic development plan, supporting the school administration, overseeing school assets, and attending to its own professional growth.   

  • Sam Baguma, (Board Chair), Mission Aviation Fellowship Missionary, East Africa Regional Manager

  • Nikki Tuggy (Secretary)  Missionary

  • Patricia Nzeyi, Head of Corporate Services, BHC

  • Blain Teketel Mekisso, Program Officer, Oak Foundation

  • Dan Propst, Engineering Ministries 

  • Emily Greene, Engineering Ministries 

  • Daryl Burnette, World Venture missionary

  • Alastair Taylor, 

  • Mauricia Kayizzi, Head of Global Product Management ENGIE Energy Access Africa

  • Jason Carpenter, ex-officio Head of School



All lead teachers employed by Acacia are certified to teach and have an international teaching background. Our teachers come from many different countries. Currently, at Acacia, we have American, Ugandan, British, Nigerian, Canadian, Ghanaian, South African, Tanzanian, Zimbabwean, Zambian & New Zealand teachers.



Acacia is a Christian school.  For us, this means that the board members and teachers are committed Christians and that our teachers approach their work with the belief that all students are created in the image of God, that each is uniquely endowed with creative and intellectual potential and inherently valuable.  Moral and ethical values such as honesty, integrity, compassion, and justice are an important part of the holistic education students will receive. Bible teaching is integrated into the curriculum and students attend weekly chapels.  All students regardless of their faith background are treated with dignity, love, and respect.

The school is independent and not affiliated with any denomination.  


Download our Statement of Faith here.

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