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Mission & Vision


To glorify Christ by providing a rigorous and balanced education that motivates students to excel academically and live out a Biblical worldview. We serve Ugandan, international, and missionary families.


Educating and inspiring servant leaders for Christ.



Integrity.  As servant leaders, we seek to honour God in all we do and say.


Compassion.  As servant leaders, we love others sacrificially as Christ loved us.   

Courage.  As servant leaders, we stand up for what is right and boldly follow Christ.


Acacia exists to serve Christian missionaries and missionary kids!  In our tenth year of operation, we were honored to serve over 60 missionary kids from more than a dozen sending organizations. The Affiliate Member Program is designed to formalize the relationship between the school

and our ministry partners so that together we can create a better school for everyone. Read more about Affiliate Membership here. 


Here are some of our missionary partners:

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