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Our History

The beginning 

Jason and Linda Carpenter along with Jason’s cousin Lee Erin Carpenter (now Lee Erin Jones) co-founded Acacia with encouragement from the wider missionary community in Kampala.  Africa Inland Mission, MAF, IMB, Sojourn and Engineering Ministry International missionaries lent early support to the project along with friends and colleagues, many from Kampala International Church.  


Acacia is a non-profit organization registered in Uganda.  The school’s vision of “educating and inspiring servant leaders for Christ” was and remains at the core of what Acacia is all about, transforming Uganda by providing a world-class Christian education.

Key milestones

August 2012 - Opened the Junior School campus with 17 students in K4-G5.

Summer 2013 - Completed construction of the first three classrooms on the JS.

August 2014 - Opened the Senior School for Grades 5-8.

May 2015 - Sat our first IGCSE exams

Summer 2016 -  Purchased the Annex. Rented the big Junior School football pitch.

May 2018 - Sat our first A-level exams.

Summer 2018 - Purchased the 41-acre Lakeside Campus for $1m.

October 2018 - Received ACSI/MSA accreditation. 

June 2019 - Celebrated our first graduation with four graduates.

October 2019 - Rented the Lower Junior School.

March 2021 - Purchased an additional 3 acres in the middle of Lakeside Campus

September 2021 - Completed payment for the main 41 acres of Lakeside.

March 2023 - Completed payment on Oscar’s 3 acres of Lakeside.

June 2023 - Sat our first AP exams

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